Your Medical Home Team

A new way of managing your healthcare, our patient-centered medical home uses a team approach for coordinating your needs. 

Clinical Team

Community-based, board-certified physicians listen to your needs and provide a mutual decision on your healthcare plan to optimize your health. Our nurse practitioner then collaborates with your physicians to provide optimal care and educational resources for your continued care.

Registered and certified medical assistants handle clerical and procedural needs for you including medication authorizations and completing your electronic medical record prior to seeing your provider.

Licensed practical nurses assist all providers by providing communication between you and your physician ensuring your personalized medical plan is carried through.


Co-Care Coordinator + Pre-Appointment Planner

Our care coordinator is strongly focused on patient management during transitions of care from the hospital to decrease readmission by following up with our patients and scheduling follow-up appointments with their provider. The care coordinator initiates educational outreach to patients with chronic diseases, ensuring that the preferences for their care are understood and clinical goals are set so that the patient is in control of their own healthcare.

Case managers discovers and addresses your medical, behavioral, social, and economic issues, providing resources outside of our office. The case manager works closely with our office’s care coordinator.

Contact: Dorie Preston, LPN


Our experienced, on-site Quest Laboratories technician and phlebotomist uses the utmost care and sensitivity to make certain you have a pleasant experience.


Clerical Team

Front Office Receptionist confidentially handles your personal health information and is responsible for greeting you at our front window.

Operator/Medical Records pleasantly triages your calls and is responsible for providing your medical records to yourself or to your requested specialist.


Referral Coordinator 

Coordinates your continued care with the specialist and/or facility you are referred to by your provider.  The referral coordinator will efficiently communicate with your insurance company for approval.

Contact: Shelby Kidd

Billing Team

Provides accurate billing, ensuring you maximize your insurance benefits and can readily answer your billing questions. 

Contact: Haley Dennis

Practice Administrator  + Advisory Council Director

The Office Manager oversees the office’s day-to-day operations and is a listening ear to our patients’ concerns and suggestions. 

The Advisory Council is a collection of the practice’s patients that aid our office staff to make positive changes in your healthcare experience.

Contact: Patricia Walker, LPN