Some Exciting News For Our Practice!

Dear patient:

This letter is to inform you that Family Practice Center of Wadsworth Inc. will merge with Pioneer Physician Network, effective January 1, 2020.  Pioneer Physician Network is a large group of independent physician practices, joining together with a common goal to continue to improve the health care of our local communities.  Although we are changing our business structure, we will still be the same medical office that you have entrusted your care to over these many years.  Dr. Finneran, Dr. Raines, Dr. Murray, and Cynthia Mazey, CNP, will continue to practice at this location, assisted by our capable staff.

This merger should be a seamless transition.  Our goal is to keep you informed of these business changes as we move through this merger process.  Please read our newsletters and/or like us on Facebook for any updates on this process.

Your care remains our priority and utmost concern.  Please speak with your physician or our office manager, Mrs. Patricia Walker, if you should have any questions.


Matthew Finneran, MD

Joshua Raines, DO

Brinkman Murray, DO

Cynthia Mazey, CNP

Pre-appointment Planning & Timeliness

Every doctor’s office deals with it...THE WAIT! Given the Family Practice Center’s dedication to providing every patient the time he/she deserves, sometimes the providers run behind. This is one of the benefits of coming to an office where the staff treat you like the person you are, not just a number on a chart. 

However, the providers & staff also recognize that our time is valuable; we have things to do too. In an effort to increase the efficiency of office visits, one of the first issues discussed by the Patient Advisory Council was: how can we enhance the timeliness of check-in and the “enjoyability” of time spent in the lobby or exam room? Many ideas were debated, and the following were implemented through mutual agreement following discussions at advisory council meetings: 

KIOSK: Located in a private area of the lobby, the kiosk can be used to check-in for appointments. If the front desk staff is busy, or there is a long line to check-in, the kiosk is a perfect alternative. You can also make payments, scan your insurance card and modify your person- al information (for instance, update you address.) 

PRE-APPOINTMENT PLANNING: You may receive a call from one of the office staff before your appointment. During this call you will be asked the reason for your visit, the type and dos- age of medications you take and any other medical changes that you have recently experienced. The pre-visit call will help reduce the number of questions the nurse will ask you on the day of your appointment, increasing the timeliness of your visit. 

CHANGE IN TV PROGRAMMING & EXPANDED INTERNET USE: Instead of watching repetitive infomercials regarding health issues you don’t have or medications you don’t take, you can now sit in the lobby and enjoy interesting programs from cable TV stations like HGTV. Internet service has also been added so that you can now use your laptop or iPhone to complete work projects or answer emails while you wait. 

iPADS: iPads can be requested from the front desk or from the nurse for use in the lobby or the exam room for use while you wait. They are loaded with educational games and apps like Netflix, so that even the fussiest child (or spouse) can be entertained while you wait. 

PORTABLE BINS WITH TOYS & GAMES: If your child is younger, or if you’d rather take advantage of one-on-one time with them, you can now request a bin of toys or games from the nurse. You can pass the time playing while you wait! 

Patient Education Seminars – What You Need to Know

Periodically the Practice presents Educational Seminars to interested patients free of charge. In the past, some of the educational topics included: Colon Health, Men’s Health, Hypertension, Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

These seminars will continue in the near future. Upcoming topics include Understanding Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans, Mental Health & Headaches/Migraines. Once these seminars have been schedules the dates will be posted in the office and on our Facebook page. If you have any suggestions for topics for future seminars, please email:

Prescription Fill Requests

As a reminder, we no longer accept or respond to automated or phone call prescription refill requests from local or mail order pharmacies. You may be wondering why we made this change—the main reason, accuracy of your prescriptions. 

There are times when your provider changes a medication—increasing or de- creasing the dosage or stopping the medication– and your pharmacy isn’t aware. They will still send automated refill requests that may no longer be accurate. 

You will need to request your prescription refills. You can do this on the Patient Portal. You can access the Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call the office during normal office hours. Please allow at least 24 hours (or one business day) for your prescription to be available. 

If you are not familiar with the Patient Portal or if you need assistance being web enabled, please discuss this with one of our staff members. We are more than happy to help get you started on the Portal today. 

Patient Advisory Council: Who We Are

The mission of the Family Practice Center of Wadsworth Patient Advisory Council is to promote family-centered care, advise and advocate on behalf of the Center’s patients—using experiences, wisdom and diverse points of view—so that positive changes are made. 

The Advisory Council is composed of Family Practice Center of Wadsworth staff members and patients who provide feedback and guidance to the Center’s staff. This helps to ensure that patients have a voice in decisions that can affect their health. 

Established in 2014, the Council has provided valuable input and recommendation on the delivery of services, as well as policies and procedures. They meet once a month in the Practice’s conference room and are currently recruiting new members.